Self Help Toolkit For your Mental Health

Hi all to start the Mental Health Crisis Group Self Help Toolkit, Website Page Off for 2021,

About! Self Help is about Caring, Understanding, Talking, as not all Mental Health Illnesses require Medication or Counselling,

I have Created a short introductory Video and uploaded a couple of PDF Documents to start this off, to view the documents please follow the Following link to the Group Website.

• Warning Signs • Depression and Anxiety • Emergency Phone Numbers

Each week I will upload more documents, as you can appreciate the list of Mental Health Illnesses is extensive. Please see the list below.

• Substance Abuse Disorder • Eating Disorders • Personality Disorders • Other Mental Disorders • Medications • Therapeutic Treatments

What I am trying to do is to find something that you have in common with another Group Member, being able to interact with someone who suffers from the same Illness as you, find out now the other person overcame their Illness, share ideas working together by caring, Talking openly and having a understanding, will give you self confidence in yourself knowing that you are not on your own and there is help for you and that there is always someone that cares, you are not alone. If nothing else please remember this, Care, Talk, Understand The documents will be uploaded each week (Sunday), so please look out for these, take care and Stay Safe.

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