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Updated: Jan 16

Hard Talk!

Are you drinking too much and what the consequences can be on your Mental Health, and the devastating impact it can have on your family, and Friends,

Please take time to read the Story from Fraser who kindly accepted my invitation to talk about his own struggle with alcohol and where he is today and what help you can get. This is just one story of many of thousands that have gone through this very traumatic time in their life, they have pushed the boundaries and recovered through self-help, determination, only you can decide your own future. Because turning to drink to ease your Anxiety and Depression will only make it worse.

Fraser My Story:

MEET THE TEAM Families 4 Veterans Addiction Case Worker Fraser Elliot:

33 years old from Ayrshire ex RHf after 4 years in forces and into civi Street after few years in security and during that time my daughter was born my life become unmanageable daily, I would hit the drink not caring about no-one around me, was ousted in 2014 By BBC for being a racist thug which am never proud of, I spend 6 months in prison for breach of bail. But drink and drugs was only thing I wanted in life, my life became unmanageable I was powerless and a became a nasty person, inside of me I wanted to fight my demons but I was scared to face them, I hurt family, friends, past relationships for 14 years, I become evil I formed bad habits I played victim till I got what I wanted, I stole for my habit I lied for my habit there's many reasons I could go on failed rehabs failed detoxification most of all a failure to myself December 2019 I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis it still never stopped me drinking. In January 15th 2020 I surrendered to the substances I found strength hope and feeling a have something to live for, I completed my rehabilitation at Tom Harrison House in Liverpool since then am 10 months sober I follow the program of AA and recently completed the 12 step program, since Tom Harrison House I gained qualifications in mental health Capacity act Safeguarding Substance abuse Suicide Prevention Level 4 diploma alcohol, drugs and solvent counselling I recently just passed my level 4 on alcohol, drugs and solvent counselling course I been involved with Veterans safety net which had pleasure of working with clients who have gone from strength to strength. I was asked to come onboard with Families 4 Veterans and was a simple decision to make. My aims always to work with other groups so it gives the client the best outcome, it is a team effort and cannot be done single handed. Start open University in Your registration on BA (Honours) Criminology and Psychology I am currently doing my level 4 Psychotherapy. I hope to use my own personal experience to help others and show them there is a route out of addiction and look forward to my future at Families 4 Veterans and working with a great team

At 8.30 am in morning after waking up in early hours of the morning the pain was extreme my anxiety well that hits the roof. I look around for a can to prevent withdrawal as I slug my can I feel sick have a high temperature this I cannot handle days I felt the same. How to I fix this mess do I continue to my death bed am practically there already 8am call doctor I do not get thru till 8.30am I am giving an emergency appointment to see the doctor at 9.45am I have few can as I do not know what is going to happen my room is a mess am looking like a tramp that 1 hr feels like a week. I get my stuff on only taking my charger I get the bus and get to doctor for my appointment am sweating am shacking I feel like death I sit on the chair get usual talks blood pressure high I look white as a ghost the Dr says she needs me admitted to cross house hospital for treatment the pain from my pancreatitis is so extreme am tired the drink is wearing off. She say I need go to cross house I plead could I go to another hospital as bad memories from cross house are still there after 10 mins I agree to go I walk and get the bus now my heart feels like going jump out my chest it's cold but am sweating buckets I go to acute site of cross house right away am on a drip hours pass I get my first of diazepam and drip of fluids I get pain relief for the pain am worried there going tell me to leave the white light get bright I call THH and tell them am in hospital and I can get myself to Liverpool by god hospital keep me in for a week full stop I ask my mum clean my house I don't want see it again am ashamed and embarrassed but I never thought in a million years that this was only the beginning of my journey and one year on I pass my experience to others I will continue to do that I been there many of u might been there never turn someone away as they might change as I did #ItsNotGoingToBeEasy #dontgiveup If I can change can’t you change


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