Open Challenge, For The Month of September 2021,
Improve your mind and wellbeing!  Get Your Mind, and Body, in Shape, Just Click on one of the links below to get Started.

R U OK Challenge! 
September 2021,

Could be physical exercises, starting a Hobby, Looking your best, Changing your diet,   

The whole idea behind Open Challenge, & Hobbies is to help you on your way to recovery, or to give you a self purpose, the feel good factor in your own daily life, we all have or down day's, you are not alone, come on board and look after you. If you want to the challenge yourself, this can be made to a fixed time scale, IE, 21 days etc, or it can be open ended. Come along and join us! Below are just some ideas you can get involved in. Please note if you do decide that you want to take part, its important to remember, IT IS AT YOUR OWN PACE! take care and stay safe.   

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