We Care!

We are Transparent

We care for you, your family, friends, friends of friends, please SPEAK UP, SHOUT OUT, have a look at the Self help page, Loads of information that could relate to your own, a family member, Friend, or friends of friends, Health. 
Metal Health Illness, Depression, Anxiety, P.T.S.D, Suicide, Self-harm,  From the very Young, To the Elderly, It doe's not Discriminate, within the site you will find useful information that different Groups, and Services Provide. 
We care for you, as a collective community, we are here to help you through your difficult time, and to support you, and your family, and friends, follow us on Facebook, and Website, All in support of you. 
Download are free Wix App, to keep up to date on our website, Facebook Page, Use the Forum, Blog, Upload Pictures, keep in touch with members, all on the go 100% dedicated to this website. THIS IS YOUR OWN AFTER CARE,  Take care and Stay Safe from all in the Group.  

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